Linda's Picks

Welcome to Linda's PIcks!

Every year, when preparing for our Annual Fandango in October, I have fun selecting a list of books to recommend to our local book clubs. It's a daunting task since there are thousands of books available (millions?) and narrowing it down to a dozen or so is nearly impossible. So much so, that this year I will begin changing the list quarterly. That way I can swap out older books and add new ones that deserve to be considered.

Also this year, I am adding a few other pages of book recommendations - one for the current reading year, one for Library Reads (chosen by librarians), and additional pages for other sources like Book Browse.

If you have books you'd like to recommend, please drop me a note at If possible, include a review (as formal or informal as you'd like) or just tell me why you think this book should be added to our recommend lists.