The History of Auntie's Bookstore (Condensed)

In 1978, business partners Chris O'harra and Shannon Ahern started the Book & Game Company in the Spokane Flour Mill. Their popular store featured many books, games, puzzles, and collectibles. 

In 1985, with their business expanding, Book & Game decided to open a new location specializing almost exclusively in books. Thus, Auntie's Bookstore was opened at 313 W Riverside Avenue and included a small cafe. 

Eventually, more space was needed for the bookstore's growing inventory. So in 1993, the partners purchased the old Kemp and Hebert Building on the corner of Main and Washington.  After a thorough renovation and remodel it was renamed The Liberty Building, and Auntie's moved into its new home in 1994.

During its time, the Book & Game Company spawned numerous other stores and locations including Merlyn's Comics and Games and Uncle's Games.  In 1999,  Ahern sold his interest in the bookstore to O'harra, leaving her the sole owner of Auntie's for the next 17 years. 

The current owner of Auntie's Bookstore is John Waite, who purchased the business in 2016.