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The first time I ever saw Peter was in St. Louis in 1892; I had come down from Chicago to work on the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, and he was a part of the art department force of that paper. At that time and he never seemed to change later even so much as a hair's worth until he died in 1908 he was short, stocky and yet quick and even jerky in his manner, with a bushy, tramp like "get up" of hair and beard, most swiftly and astonishingly disposed of at times only to be regrown at others, and always, and intentionally, I am sure, most amusing to contemplate. In addition to all this he had an air of well-being, force and alertness which belied the other surface characteristics as anything more than a genial pose or bit of idle gayety.Plainly he took himself seriously and yet lightly, usually with an air of suppressed gayety, as though saying, "This whole business of living is a great joke." He always wore good and yet exceedingly mussy clothes, at times bespattered with ink or, worse yet, even soup an amazing grotesquery that was the dismay of all who knew him, friends and relatives especially.

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ISBN: 9798702030401
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Publication Date: February 2nd, 2021
Pages: 196
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