A Light Through the Cave (Hardcover)

A Light Through the Cave Cover Image
By Gordon Saunders, Anna Coleman (Cover Design by)
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Kentucky, 1836. Joshua and Marie were only going to tour Mammoth Cave. Amanda and Steven were only going for a picnic. Only the way out didn't lead out. It led in. In to another world where they were desperately needed to save the lives of dozens of women and children. But it wasn't what they thought. It wasn't against an army. The army only wanted them to fight... something else. Something worse. Something worse than their worst nightmares. Will they defeat it? Can it even be defeated? Will the rocks cry out to help them? And where is that glowing bird, the one they saw killed, the one who lit up the sky not long after? The only one who can get them back home. Will he come? Join Joshua, Marie, Amanda and Steven in their first Verduran adventure. Or maybe their last adventure. Anywhere.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781947796133
ISBN-10: 1947796135
Publisher: Intense Publications
Publication Date: September 22nd, 2019
Pages: 238
Language: English