Finishing Techniques for Crochet (Paperback)

Finishing Techniques for Crochet By Pauline Turner Cover Image

Finishing Techniques for Crochet (Paperback)


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Professional and seasoned crocheters know how to make well-crafted garments, and as a knitter, you deserve the same polished look from your designs. Finishing Techniques for Crochet provides enthuasiasts with the technical know-how to create garments which fit as well as they look. From creating a slip knot to slipping your first stitch, from working with colour to joining new yarns, the book provides a one-stop foundation to the most popular techniques and explains how to work each method properly. When you’re ready to move on, discover techniques for proper shaping and sizing as well as seaming. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a decorative finish to your garments, one chapter features examples of how to embellish your projects with beads, pompoms, fringes and tassels. What about tailoring? Creating the perfect buttonholes or a lining to your latest jacket will never be easier. Whether you’re a student learning how to cast on your first stitch or an expert knitter who simply wants to improve an old skill, Finishing Techniques for Crochet will be an invaluable addition to any crochet library.

Pauline Turner is a recognised international authority on crochet often referred to as 'the walking Crochet encyclopaedia'. She is the founder and instigator of the International Diploma in Crochet course, a prolific author and designer and owner of the business Crochet Design which is the first of its kind. She has authored several books including How to Crochet (1-85585-827-4) and Crochet Lace (1-56477-576-3).

Product Details ISBN: 9781843404736
ISBN-10: 1843404737
Publisher: Collins & Brown
Publication Date: January 19th, 2009
Pages: 112
Language: English