Scandalous, The Victoria Woodhull Saga, Volume Two: Fame, Infamy, and Paradise Lost (Hardcover)

Scandalous, The Victoria Woodhull Saga, Volume Two: Fame, Infamy, and Paradise Lost Cover Image
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This is book number 2 in the Victoria Woodhull Saga series.


Volume 2 of The Victoria Woodhull Saga brings Victorian America and the struggle of women to life. The facts amaze, audacity engages, lascivious adventures entertain, and the abuses of power render all of it Scandalous

Set in and around New York City in the early 19th Century, Victoria Woodhull and sister, Tennessee Celeste Claflin take the city by storm as they challenge morality, fashion, economics, social justice, and equal pay for equal work. Leveraging their wealth as the sisters become famous on the lecture circuit, they fight for women's rights, suffrage and enter into the political arena as Victoria is nominated by the American Equal Rights Party to run for President of the United States and Tennessee runs for Congress.

In this rags to riches saga, the reader experiences Historical Fiction at its best. Filled with facts, articles, and actual speeches by some of the most prominent figures of Victorian America, like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Reverend Henry Ward Beecher "the Most Famous Man in America," Cornelius Vanderbilt "the Richest Man in America," J. P. Morgan, Frederick Douglass, Karl Marx, among others, the course of events lead to the "Trial of the Century," and retribution.

Scandalous engages the reader as the strong female leading characters change the course of history in America--at enormous personal and financial expense.

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ISBN: 9780996486088
ISBN-10: 0996486089
Publisher: Top Reads Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: September 1st, 2018
Pages: 398
Language: English
Series: Victoria Woodhull Saga