Linear Analysis and Representation Theory (Dover Books on Mathematics) (Paperback)

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A frequently cited scholarly text, this unified treatment constitutes an ideal reference for graduate math students and mathematicians. Its clear, accurate formulations offer a relatively self-contained resource for those studying locally compact groups, Lie groups and algebras, harmonic analysis, and the representation of groups.
An introductory chapter on algebras and Banach algebras is followed by a summary of linear functional analysis and examinations of spectral theorem, stable subspaces, and von Neumann algebras. Subsequent chapters explore elementary representation theory in Hilbert space; topological groups, invariant measures, convolutions, and representations; the basic theory of induced representations; and fundamentals of the theory of representations of compact groups. The final chapters offer a concise introduction tothe theory of Lie algebras, Lie groups, and transform groups.

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ISBN: 9780486478517
ISBN-10: 0486478513
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication Date: November 18th, 2010
Pages: 688
Language: English
Series: Dover Books on Mathematics