Book Group Recommendations

Welcome to my favorite page!

We at Auntie's love recommending books to our customers, friends and folks in our book clubs. This year, I am adding some additional pages which will shine the spotlight on Linda's Picks, recommedations from Library Reads (librarians) and from Book Browse, as well as YOU. If you have any books you'd like to share with others, please send along a review (it can be as informal as you like - even "I loved it!" will get the point across. Here's what Members Recommend so far. Also - our open-ended group - Your Choice Book Discussion - might offer some ideas for you.

Meanwhile, below are some of the books I recommended at the Fandango which was held in October 2016. I will post the list of books recommended by our guest speaker (Katie Mehan of Random House) at the 2017 Fandango soon. If your group chooses one or more of these titles, I'd love to hear from you with your group's reaction. Just send along your ideas to me at And if you're willing, I will add it to our Auntie's Readers page. Thanks for sharing your love of books with all of us at Auntie's!