Angel Tree

At Auntie's Bookstore, we believe that every child deserves books for Christmas. For over a decade, Auntie's customers and staff have generously made sure local children in need of holiday cheer have received it. Here's how it works: children's names, ages, and types of books desired are collected by local charities and given to us. We put the information on paper angels hanging from our in-store Christmas tree. Then, customers and staff choose angels and purchase books for the children. Can't make it in to the store? We welcome donations to the Angel Tree Project all year round. You are welcome to purchase a gift card in any denomination in-store or online.


Special Notes for Ordering Gift Cards:
The price listed on the left is the total price for the gift card. If you do not see a denomination you would like or you need a special gift card, ex. $21.00 for a 21st birthday, please call the store at: 509-838-0206.