Afternoon (Zoom) Book Club with Linda [virtual]


Leader: Linda (she/her)


Welcome to the Afternoon Zoom Book Group, a zoom offshoot from Auntie's AM Book Group. This group meets via zoom on the 4th Tuesday at 2 pm. The link is sent out to anyone who wishes to attend. Anyone on the special link-list for the group will receive the link automatically, but you may request it directly from Linda at the email noted above. 

Our November 28th (2 pm) selection is Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line by Deepa Anappara (see below).

We have had and continue to have quite a line-up of books this year, so we continue look forward to some interesting and fun discussions! Join us, won't you?!


(p.s. Don't forget to ask for your book club discount of 15% on these titles when ordering or purchasing.)